[X-Plane 11] IXEG 737-300 V1.2 Corepack

X-Plane 11 features superior 3D visuals, a highly detailed simulation of the 737-300 with over 16 million polygons and 9,376 control surfaces. It includes plenty of experimental new features like photorealistic lighting, true HDR rendering, global illumination on large clouds and reflective objects with many reflections per pixel so all objects in the scene can be seen while looking through them. This is not just another cookie cutter version of an FSX model with some custom graphics slapped on top but rather a vast enhancement to what you already know and love about X-Plane. With this powerful new rendition comes many challenges that each require new skills for existing pilots to master or new pilots to acquire. These are the new requirements to succeed. The Flight Model of X-Plane 11 is more realistic than ever before with many improvements over previous versions. The 737's rudder effectiveness is modeled better with less rudder slip on high speed approaches or when engaging the afterburner. For the first time, X-Plane takes advantage of the Realvision HDR rendering technology found in RealFlight G7/V8 hardware by enabling the HDR cockpit which provides superior lighting, reflections across cockpit surfaces and new reflections on all objects in the scene. The flight model performance is enhanced by the use of a new flight physics model developed by X-Aerodynamics which provides realistic transitions from climb to cruise and back to descent. Transitioning from one phase of flight to another now requires more pilot input than before, such as pulling back on the yoke for a climb or pushing it forward for a descent. The 737-300 will not just do it all itself. It also comes with new autopilot and autothrottle functionality and an improved aircraft performance panel for monitoring engine and fuel flows, electrical loads and many other indicators. X-Plane 11 introduces the very first native X-Plane plugin, Flightbeam Virtual Cockpit (FCP). It is designed to enhance the realism of the simulation by pushing the boundaries of what is possible in terms of visual effects. The FCP plugin enables an extremely realistic portrayal of the 737-300's cockpit with superior lighting, reflections, shadows and new HDR window textures with hundreds of frames to sample. It can also be used in combination with many third party visuals like REX 4, RWX V2 or Infinite Realities with great results. The 3D modeling is based on native data sources like Navigraph and charts for most worldwide airports. The models feature changes made with X-Aerodynamics toolkit so they are airport specific based on research conducted at real world airports. The 737-300 comes with a set of liveries and paintkit options for customizing and managing your favorite aircraft. It can be used in combination with the default X-Plane 11 sounds or used with new custom sound packages developed by AirQuarius, Simcoders or Sounds 747. It also includes numerous features such as autobrakes, spoilers on start, dynamic lights and HDR material on ATC screens which add to its realism. There is no mouse input needed to use the Flightbeam Virtual Cockpit plugin so it will work well with 3D mice like Track IR or FreeTrack. The FCP plugin will also work in VR mode provided the proper VR hardware is present in your system.


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